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What is the Partner Program?

Cassidy’s Partner Program is designed to enable AI consultants and enthusiasts to build businesses by referring and implementing Cassidy for 20% revenue share of your referred clients (and much more)!

New When your referrals join, they will now also get an additional 2k credits on their free trial, just for using your link! This helps incentivize referrals to join via your links so you get the associated credits.

As a part of Cassidy’s Partner Program, you’re also encouraged to create content that resonates with your expertise area- we’ll then broadcast it to our 500k+ followers. Along with the revenue share, you’re welcome to charge for services around Cassidy - such as AI implementation & support.

Why we created the program

Almost every company is thinking about implementing AI, but doesn’t know where to start. That’s where a new industry of AI implementation experts is forming to fill the gap. Businesses need experts to setup their workspaces, create prompts, train their assistants, and give them direction so they don’t need to start from scratch.

Our goal is help Cassidy Partners grow businesses, while also shaping the direction of our product. We work closely with our partners to build new integrations and features to make the platform even better. We also use any content our Partners create to educate our audience (while bringing you new leads)!

Why clients love Cassidy’s platform

It’s incredibly easy to use and includes the top 5+ AI models for a fraction of the cost. And unlike other tools, it securely connects with client’s knowledge tools (e.g. Slack, Notion, OneDrive, etc.) to train AI to be hyper-personalized to their brand and super accurate. Cassidy goes beyond chat and allows teams to build customized assistants, multi-step AI automations, and more.

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Partnership Benefits

20% Revenue Share

When you guide your audience & clients to sign up for Cassidy, you’ll receive 20% of their subscription revenue for the first year. This will be monitored by your unique affiliate link. But this is just the beginning of what you get from Cassidy’s Partner Program…

Consulting & Implementation Revenue

Cassidy is an ideal platform for agencies and consultancies to create powerful AI assistants and automations for clients. You can charge for services, including implementation, setup, and support, with opportunities to build agency and consultancy services around the platform. If you're not handling the implementation work and just referring clients through content, you still earn commissions through affiliate links.

Get Promoted Across Cassidy’s 400k+ Audience

When you post about Cassidy online and inform us, we'll help you get noticed. Our founder and CEO has over 400K followers on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn, while Cassidy's employees themselves have more than 100k followers on their accounts. When you post about Cassidy, we'll be the first to engage and share. This will help expand your personal brand, boost your credibility within your industry, and showcase your expertise in AI.

Get Promoted in Cassidy’s Customer Newsletter

Our current AI newsletter, boasting over 20,000 subscribers, is combined with our monthly email, where existing Cassidy users are looking to grow their AI skills. This gives you the chance to showcase your content and attract inbound leads for your agency or consultancy.